Argue and Associates Management Consultants, Inc., is a Regina-based firm specializing in the practice of environmental, health and safety management consulting.

Our principal areas of practice include providing our clients quality service in:

  • Environment, health, and safety compliance;
  • Environmental, health, and safety management systems;
  • Quality management systems; and
  • Training.

Our principal consultant and team of qualified associates focus on providing you with practical, meaningful advice to address your environmental, health and safety issues.

Our Mission Statement

Argue and Associates Management Consultants, Inc. is a professional company that provides environmental, health and safety management consulting services to a variety of corporate clients. Our goal is to provide these clients with environmental, health and safety value-added services to enhance their corporate governance and management systems. We aim to assist clients in reducing environmental, health and safety risks and managing the residual risks associated with their operations in a mutually beneficial manner.

Our Quality Policy

As an EHS professional services provider, Argue and Associates Management Consultants, Inc. undertakes to provide the highest of quality services expected by our clients through:

  • Being a leader in the provision of Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) management services;
  • Continually improving our systems and approaches to service provision to meet our clients’ evolving needs;
  • Providing employees with the knowledge and tools to carry out their assignments at the highest level;
  • Providing project personnel appropriate for the task at hand;
  • Complying with quality requirements identified by our clients or as required by regulatory or other governing bodies;
  • Providing services within our scope of practice in a professional and ethical manner; and
  • Reviewing and updating quality objectives on a regular basis to ensure that they are fulfilled and are appropriate to our scope of practice.


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